How to Maintain Your Central Air Conditioning or Heat Pump System

The central air conditioning units in our household needs attention too. With the work that they do to provide us with the temperature we need, they should be inspected and cleaned once in a while. If you don’t pay attention to them and they keep on working for months or years, there’s a big chance that they’re going to break or get replaced.  

Air Conditioning 

Your annual maintenance should include checking the condensing coil fins, cleaning leaves, dirt and debris from the coils, inspection and lubrication of fan. Small issues will be spotted and Fort Worth HVAC repair will be conducted to avoid the unit from totally breaking down.   

Shutting Off Power 

One of the few things you can do first is shutting off the power to the unit. To do this, locate the electrical disconnect switch. Next, turn off the 240-volt power. The switch can be located near the condensing unit, it’s a weatherproof metal box. Depending on the design of the switch, you can remove the fuse plug, turn off the power with the shutoff and remove the power plug. Wait some few minutes before you proceed with the other maintenance tasks.  

Lubricate Motor and Remove Protective Grilles 

To access the condenser coil’s outside and inside components, remove the protective grilles. Remove the top panel that protects the interior, the motor and the fan. To do this, use a Phillips head to remove the screws holding the top and side panels. Carefully pull the side grill away and lift the top panel. Make sure not to affect other electrical wirings.  

Clean Condenser Coils 

Clean the coil from the inside and outside; when you work with the coil fins make sure you don’t bend them. Once you shut off the power, clean the outside part of any debris, vacuum using a soft bristle brush attachment then clean the inside using a spray gun. You can also use your hand to remove any debris. Remember not to spray the wires or fan motor.  

Straighten Bent Coil Fins 

If the unit has bent coils, straighten them out because it can affect the performance of the unit. Use a fin comb to properly do this. There are different kinds of fin combs that match the size of the coil fin. Make sure you use the right one. To straighten bent coils, match the comb’s teeth count to the fins.  

Check if Condenser Unit is Level 

Another task to the maintenance list making sure that the condenser unit is level so the entire unit can function properly. Take a level and put in the unit’s surface, east/west or north/south orientation. If the unit is not level in one of the orientations, adjust the leveling feet. It it’s really not level in both orientations, you will replace or repair the concrete slab.  

Power on Sequence 

Turn the unit on. The thermostat should be switched to its off position. Restore the power at the disconnect box then turn the thermostat again to cool.  

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