Tips for An Effective Garage Conversion

Converting your garage is actually considered as a very affordable and excellent method in order to add some extra living spaces to your house. You can actually hire a professional and experienced garage conversion company or do the project on your own. Whether you want to get your garage converted in a home office, luxury home cinema or an extra bedroom for guests, then this guide can definitely help you. Converting a garage can really be a very tricky business, which is why in order to make things much easier for you, then we have listed some of the most common things that you should take into consideration when you are planning to convert your garage into a new and unique space for your residential property.  

Garage Conversion

Reasons Why You Should Consider Converting Your Garage 

Nowadays, how do you utilize your garage? With vehicles getting bigger as well as homes getting smaller, there are actually more and more garage spaces that are already turning into a mere wasted space. Nowadays, chances are garages get filled with homeowners’ forgotten stuff like old toys, useless memorabilia, old sport or fitness equipment and so on, which would only take a lot of time to throw out compared to what it’s truly worth. In the past, the family car has to be completely protected from different outside elements but that was already a thing in the past – before vehicles were galvanized routinely. Therefore, if you can be able to park in the street, do not let this very important asset simply go to waste.  

As a matter of fact, converting your garage can actually be considered as one of the most affordable ways to add unique and extra space for your house and aside from that, it can even increase the value of your house too. As a matter of fact, the conversion value of your garage can rise in tandem with the price of your house  

Furthermore, a garage conversion that is professionally and beautifully made, most especially when done by a professional and experienced garage conversion service provider, can certainly bring extra natural daylight into your home. In fact, if your garage space is attached to one side of your home, installing some glazed doors for access can certainly make that particular adjoining room much lighter as well as airier. Below, you can be able to learn some of the popular uses of your old garage conversion: 

  •  An extra bathroom 
  • An extra bedroom 
  • Another lounge 
  • A larger kitchen 
  • A playroom for your kids 
  • A home office 
  • A home gym 
  • A home cinema 

How Can I Convert My Old Garage? 

Prior to deciding about getting your garage converted, you must need to know first all the legalities involved. As a matter of fact, there are three major things that you have to check first. When you go ahead without any permission, you’ll certainly be forced to get everything returned to its original condition and it can certainly cost you a lot. Surely, this is the last thing that you want to happen. 

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6 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas 

If your fixtures and features are outdated, it’s now time to rethink about having your bathroom remodeled. There are lots of modern features that can install in your bathroom to make it look like how you want it. According to companies of home repair in Lubbock that are expert in bathroom remodeling, homeowners want to have their bathroom remodeled to increase efficiency, save energy and also add to the home value. In this article, we give you the list of ideas you can do with your bathroom.  

Bathroom Remodeling

High-Tech Lighting 

When it comes to giving a mood to your bathroom, lighting is the most helpful. Nowadays, LED lighting is becoming more popular to homeowners because of the efficiency of energy it brings. LED lights use 75% less energy; just imagine how much you can save from that. It’s also 25 times longer than normal lights. For design purposes, high-tech lighting can also add a unique touch to the bathroom. You can program it to change color, make it as a color wash effect on the wall, light shelves or counter and add color to the sink of tub.  


If you want to have a fashion-forward look in your bathroom, you can try installing metallic walls and tiles. This latest design trend is becoming popular because of its unique look, which also adds an illusion of more space. The tiles have reflective and eye-catching qualities, which makes your bathroom really sleek.  

Bold Flooring 

Not everyone pay attention to the color of the floor, but it can make a huge difference. The bathroom trends always include a white or neutral color to highlight its other features, but if you’re a bold person and wants something unusual, add pattern somewhere like a bold floor. If the floor is not a good idea for you, you can purchase a rag with bold colors and patterns.  

Ergonomic and Sexy Design 

Fluid and curvy designs are also the newest trends of the bathroom design today. In the bathroom product market, curvy and beautiful shapes are now available so you can get creative with your bathroom design. It doesn’t mean that you will add curves everywhere, but there are at least one or two features that have this look so everything is balanced. To achieve this look, hang some wall decors that have curves and circles, one curved wall or fixtures and faucets that are rounded.  

Floating Vanity 

The trick to make the bathroom look spacious is opening up the space by skipping the wall-to-wall cabinets and adding a bathroom counter that looks like it’s floating. Skip the traditional vanity vase and use a sofa table instead.  

Integrated Sinks 

Say no to boring sinks, install an integrated one. These sinks are built into the counter that has a seamless and minimalist look. It’s also low maintenance, so good news for you. Choose the same color as the countertop to sync the look of the sink and the countertop where it’s installed. 

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What Are the Types of Roofing Where You Can Effectively Use Asphalt Shingles?

Despite the upsides of asphalt roof shingles, they are only advisable for roofing system with steeper slopes. They do not shed water as well as snow well, requiring gravity pull in order to keep the moisture levels low.  


In order to effectively use asphalt roof shingles, experts recommend these types of roofing system where asphalt roof shingles can work best in:   

  1. Gable 

This type of roofing system is found everywhere in America. As a matter of fact, Gable roofing system is distinguishable since it has a prominent peak. Furthermore, it has a design that naturally forces the snow and water to stream down the ground, while still providing enough space in the attic for adequate ventilation. Except for hurricane-prone and windy place, Gable roofing generally work well for any region.  

  1. Hip 

Hip is a four-sided roof that that has equal slopes and it is more stable compared to gable type of roofing. Due to its large size, asphalt roof shingles would experience much lesser threats when they are installed in this type of roofing since it prevents standing water naturally. Experienced and professional Linden roofing contractor would attest that this kind of roofing can usually make asphalt roof shingles much less susceptible to harsh weather conditions like wind uplift.  

  1. Gambrel 

This kind of roofing system might look like a gable roof due to its peak. However, it has two slopes that are even more noticeable the moment you inspect it closely. As a matter of fact, the slope that is located on its upper side is much less steep compared to the lower portion. Furthermore, it provides a wide array of space in the attic, which is actually very useful for greater roofing ventilation.   

  1. Jerkinhead

This type of roofing system is a cross between hip and gable roofing systems. This is due to the fact that Jerkinhead roofing is more resistant to harsh weather conditions like wind damage compared to a typical gable roof, while it also provides more space compared to the ordinary hip roofing system.  

  1. Saltbox 

While this type of roofing system may be asymmetrical, both sides of this roofing actually have a steep slope. Therefore, it is quite much easier for the snow to slide down as well as the water to run off. As a matter of fact, most roofing contractor would say that saltbox is the best roofing options for houses that are in areas that rain frequently.  

Asphalt shingling the right kind of roofing can help a lot when it comes to extending the material’s service lifespan. But then again, even the sturdiest asphalt shingle product can fail prematurely if it is not properly installed or not professionally maintained. This is actually the reason why it’s extremely important that you only trust a professional and highly skilled roofing contractor in order to make sure that you get the most out of your investment while making sure that the job will be done right the first time around. With a professional roofing contractor, you’ll never have to worry at all.

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